Act Media (formerly Magiqads) is the leading company in Integrated Shopper Marketing Media in Southeast Asia and continues to manage and specialise in in-store media for top International Key Accounts (IKA) and Leading Independent Hypermarkets (and Supermarket) not only in Malaysia, but around the region offering medias including but not limited to shelf banner, shelf strip, category housing, shelf extender, freezer wrap and much more. Our main objective would be to assist brands on maximizing their “brand recall” from both their potential and existing shoppers during the purchasing process. In essence, making the brand stand out from all the clutter in each aisle of a hypermarket or supermarket.

We strive to serve brands better by introducing creativity and knowledge sharing from the region as well as offering new products in-store and point of sale materials (POSM) to the ever growing market in Malaysia.

To date some of our achievements include the winning of Spark Award, the region’s premier media award platform that celebrates the best media solutions, products and services, for Best Media Solution and Most Improved Offering by a Media Owner in 2014.

With the expanding team and increasing clientele, Act Media have incorporated Storeminder in 2017 to assist with product installation and updates, with a group of data analyst that help to provide real time update to clients.

With local partnerships established through the Redberry Group of companies and regional partners represented though the OMG group, Act Media and OMG are thriving in 16 countries, spread across 4 continents developing an established and ever growing shopper marketing solution provider catering to retailers and marketers globally.



Build long-term brand equity with your brand, strategically positioned throughout high-traffic zones to maximize your brand’s exposure.


Demonstrate high engaging power and promote category dominance in crucial shopping zones , e.g. your product’s category aisle.


Communicate your brand’s message effectively, our products are equipped with our unique sensorial-based mechanism.


Catch shoppers’ attention just as they enter the area right before the shop itself to create brand awareness, excitement and relevance.


We customise our marketing solutions to meet your unique brand image and promotion strategy to best capture shoppers’ browsing attention.


Encourage impulse buys with shoppers throughout the whole process starting from the carpark, in the malls right up to the cashier.

The 2012 Shopper Engagement Study by POPAI showed that 78% of all shoppers make their buying decisions in the store! This is where ActMedia (M) Sdn Bhd will position your brand and your message to these shoppers!

These shoppers ARE in the stores for a reason – to purchase something. Their minds are receptive to your brand and marketing message. This is the right time, and the right place to engage them.

In contrast, imagine receiving a call from a telemarketer during dinner or while watching a football game. Wrong time, wrong place.

Every media (be it the print, TV, online, etc) has a place in the overall marketing and branding strategy, but it is at the retail store where the rubber meets the road. You need to have a strong and engaging presence at the retail stores because this is where the battle for the shopper’s mind is won or lost.

ActMedia gives you and your brand the competitive edge over your competitors!