The wide range of our retail partners capabilities allow us to offer high traffic positioning for brands and allows you to choose the best venue to project your message across to your target market.  Hypermarkets are rapidly emerging as a new mass media. Advertising products at point of sale acts as a reminder of existing campaigns in other media maximizing recall of ads and encouraging impulse purchase.

Consider for a moment the number of times you have gone into a supermarket to just grab a couple of things and found yourself walking out with six carrier bags. Well, you can be consoled by the fact that you are not that different from the average shopper. According to a study by Nielsen between June 2016 – July 2017:

95% of shoppers notice our shelf banners while going through the aisle

While 91% of shoppers notice trolley ads advertisement upon entering the retail outlet

And 31% of our shoppers earn an average of RM5,000 within the household

Reach 5.8 Million Malaysians who walk into stores with Retail Media managed by ActMedia every 4 weeks.

And according to a Sensorâ„¢ Study:

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